Abhijit Chatterjee

Wordt dit de nieuwe minister van nieuwe economie?

Abhijit Chatterjee

Over Abhijit

52 jaar

Damen Shipyard Currently

Contracts and Supply Chain

Wat drijft mij?

Me and my family are naturalized citizens of Netherland. I love this country and want to see it in forefront of world economy. The world economic order and its ways and means are changing fast. With my multi country exposure and my experience in working in different businesses worldwide last 25 years I want to catapult NL economy in top 5 in world.

Welk verschil maak ik?

The base is there. In order to be top 5 economies in world we need to increase our GDP by 3 times in 5 years. 1.) Become a magnet to best businesses worldwide 2.) Provide business with Infrastructure and smart and educated resources 3.) Use the business revenues to introduce state of art infrastructure in our schools 4.) Benchmark against the best.

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